Priest - History In Black

September 2017
Mixing for Priest

New single from Priest, produced by Alpha (former Ghost) mixed by me. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Vasas flora och fauna - Veneziansk afton

September 2017
Mixing and production for Vasas flora och fauna

New album by Finnish indie group Vasas flora och fauna. Produced and mixed by me.

Linn Koch Emmery - Under The Sun

September 2017
Production for Linn Koch Emmery

Produced by me, mixed by Magnus Lindberg.

The Small Crowd - Not Yet

September 2017
Mixing for The Small Crowd

Second single from The Small Crowd. Mixed by me.

The Stirr - Moscow Mule

September 2017
Mixing for The Stirr

Moscow Mule, a great drink and now also a pop song. Mixed by me.

Rhymes - Let's Do This

August 2017
Mixing for Rhymes

A brand new single from swedish indie rock group Rhymes, mixed by me.

KAMBO feat. Ayla - Stand Up In The Light

July 2017
Mixing for KAMBO

Debut single from KAMBO, released through Parlophone UK!

Production by Joakim Jarl and Bessem Bedziri, mixed by me and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Simon Peyron - Breakin Up

July 2017
Mixing for Simon Peyron

This is the first track as a solo artist for Simon Peyron, singer from the swedish band Outtrigger. Mix by me!


NAYAH - Indenom

June 2017
Mixing for NAYAH

New single from Danish singer NAYAH called Indenom released through The Bank.

I had the honor to mix this great pop/R&B track!

Havet - Bipolär EP

May 2017
Mixing and production for Havet

Four songs of Swedish indie pop, produced by me and the band, mixed by me and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.