Sweden - Confetti

February 2018
Recording for Sweden

Forth album by Norwegian band called Sweden. I recorded the vocals.

Linn Koch-Emmery - Wires

February 2018
Mixing and production for Linn Koch-Emmery

Latest single by Linn Koch-Emmery, production and mix by me.

THANKS - Mind Expansion

February 2018
Mixing for THANKS

New single by Danish duo THANKS, mixed by me.


Marigold - Revolution

February 2018
Mixing for Marigold

New single by Marigold. Produced by Åke Olofsson from Den Svenska Björnstammen, mixed by me and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Olle Grafström - Gå i sand

January 2018
Mixing for Olle Grafström

Second single from Olles upcoming album. Produced by Olle, mix by me, master by Magnus Lindberg.

Elin Namnieks - Got No Time

January 2018
Mixing for Elin Namnieks

New single by Swedish singer Elin Namnieks. Produced by Anton Nessvi, mixed by me.


Kippenberger - Op Og Ned I Showbiz

January 2018
Mixing for Kippenberger

New solo single from the leadsinger of “The Floor Is Made Of Lava”, Tobias Kippenberg. Mixed by me.

Mutant Gredelin - Hornsgatan Dreaming

January 2018
Mixing for Mutant Gredelin

Shoegaze in swedish. Mixed by me, and released by our label Redmount Music.

Simon Kuylenstierna feat. Ambivalensen - Du och jag

January 2018
Mixing for Simon Kuylenstierna

New single by Simon Kuylenstierna, mixed by me.


Timshel - All is well

November 2017
Mixing for Timshel

Great new song by Finish indie band Timshel. Mixed by me, mastered by Magnus Lindberg.