Ansiktet - En Annan Väg Hem

April 2017
Mixing and recording for Ansiktet

Third single from Ansiktets upcoming album “Tusen Nålar”.

Mixed by me, and if you listen closely, you can also hear me play guitar on this one!

Mash Up International & Ji Nilsson

April 2017
Mixing for Mash Up Inter­national

Great voice, great production!
This song is out through our own indie label Redmount Music.

Min stora sorg - Paus

April 2017
Mixing for Min stora sorg

New single by Min stora sorg, produced by Elias Klenell, mixed by me, mastered by Magnus Lindberg.


Vasas flora och fauna - En invasiv art

March 2017
Mixing and production for Vasas flora och fauna

One of my favorite bands, and I had the great honor to produce and mix their latest single!

Programing and additional production by by Elias Klenell, mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Ambivalensen - Telefon

March 2017
Mixing and recording for Ambiva­lensen

I did the mixing and some additional recording for this very promising Swedish band.

Death Team - Work

February 2017
Mixing for Death Team

New single by Death Team!

Mixed by me, mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Ansiktet - Tombola

January 2017
Mixing for Ansiktet

Ansiktet is back! A new album will be released this spring, and this is the first single.

Produced by Elias Klenell, mixed by me, mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

047 - Allt och ingenting

January 2017
Mixing for 047

Soon 047 will release their full album, but first this single together with Maj Monet!

I mixed it, Magnus Lindberg did the mastering.

Namasenda - OK Bye

January 2017
Mixing for Nama­senda

Second single by Namasenda, released on our record lable Redmount Music. This is the follow up to the successful single “Here”, which she recently performed on the tv-show P3 Guld; one of Swedens biggest music shows.

Peter Morén - 40

January 2017
Mixing for Peter Morén

I had the honor to mix two songs on Peter Morén’s (from Peter, Bjorn & John) third solo album.

The songs “Dålig andedräkt” and “Prata om det”, produced by Anders Rensfeldt and Zacke, mixed by me.