Throughout the years I have worked with a number of artists and bands – big and small – and I love the variety. I try to keep this list as current as possible with who I’ve worked with and what I did for them.

Ambivalensen Mix
Amplifetes F.O.H.
Alina Devecerski Mix/Co-production/F.O.H.
Ansiktet Mix/Recording
A Projection Recording
Broder John Mix
Cleo Mix
Class of Kill’em High My rockband
Dead Soul Mix
Death Team Mix
Den Svenska Björnstammen Mix/Co-production/Co-writer/F.O.H.
Desmodrome Mix
Discoteka Yugostyle Mix/Production
Emil Assergård Mix
Elin Lanto Mix
Erik Lundin Mix
Herbert Munkhammar & Michel Dida Mix
Far & Son Mix
Ghost Recording Engineer/F.O.H.
Gros Mix
Hundhimlen Mix
Immanu El Recording Engineer/Master
Ji Nilsson (feat. Mash Up Int.) Mix
Kretsen Mix
Layte Bloom Production
Lilla Lovis Mix
Lilla Sällskapet Co-production
Linn Koch-Emmery Production
Little Boxes Mix
Little Jinder F.O.H.
Lova Mix
Lovisa Negga Master
Madi Banja (feat. Kretsen) Mix
Markus Krunegård F.O.H.
Mash Up International Mix
Maskinen Mix/Recording Engineer/F.O.H.
Mercedes Benz Mix
Min stora sorg Mix
Movits! Mix/F.O.H.
Namasenda Mix
Norlie & KKV F.O.H./Recording Engineer/Mix
Odyssey(Black Temple) Production/Mix
Piglet Outlet Mix
Peter Morén Mix
pg.lost F.O.H./Recording Engineer
Rebecca & Fiona F.O.H.
Simon Kuylenstierna Mix
Silvana Imam F.O.H.
Sharks Mix
Slagsmålsklubben F.O.H.
Stora Huset Mix
Swingfly Mix
Terror of History My rock/electro band
The Very Best Mix
The Tranq Production/Mix
Trills Mix
Tuai Mix
Vasas flora och fauna Production/Mix
Vågerud Mix
Zacke Mix
Ängie Mix