Molly Sandén - Större

April 2018
Mixing for Molly Sandén

New album by Molly Sandén, one of the most popular Swedish popartists lately. I’ve mixed the following songs:

Du kan inte ta mig
Ingen som jag
Du me mig

Hugo Helmig - Promise EP

March 2018
Mixing for Hugo Helmig

Hugo Helmig, up and coming Danish artist who enjoys big success both in Denmark and Germany right now. I’ve mixed the following tracks on his debute EP:

Times Of War
Hold On

Sweden - Confetti

February 2018
Recording for Sweden

Forth album by Norwegian band called Sweden. I recorded the vocals.

Linn Koch-Emmery - Wires

February 2018
Mixing and production for Linn Koch-Emmery

Latest single by Linn Koch-Emmery, production and mix by me.

THANKS - Mind Expansion

February 2018
Mixing for THANKS

New single by Danish duo THANKS, mixed by me.


Marigold - Revolution

February 2018
Mixing for Marigold

New single by Marigold. Produced by Åke Olofsson from Den Svenska Björnstammen, mixed by me and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Olle Grafström - Gå i sand

January 2018
Mixing for Olle Grafström

Second single from Olles upcoming album. Produced by Olle, mix by me, master by Magnus Lindberg.

Elin Namnieks - Got No Time

January 2018
Mixing for Elin Namnieks

New single by Swedish singer Elin Namnieks. Produced by Anton Nessvi, mixed by me.


Kippenberger - Op Og Ned I Showbiz

January 2018
Mixing for Kippenberger

New solo single from the leadsinger of “The Floor Is Made Of Lava”, Tobias Kippenberg. Mixed by me.

Mutant Gredelin - Hornsgatan Dreaming

January 2018
Mixing for Mutant Gredelin

Shoegaze in swedish. Mixed by me, and released by our label Redmount Music.